Issue 2

Nashville’s Fort of Creativity

par Samantha Stocks · visuels: Andrea Behrends

Fort Houston is a co-working space dedicated to those that make, be they woodworkers, mechanics, or screen printers. With the sound of drills and hacksaws creating a background soundtrack to our conversation, we spoke to co-owners Ryan Schemmel and Joshua Cooper.

The To Øl Guide to Craft Beer in Copenhagen

par Tobias Emil Jensen, Tore Gynther · visuels: Daniel Haskett

Copenhagen, once known for industrial-scale brewing, has recently earned its place on the Scandinavian craft beer map, thanks to a raft of independent breweries. We asked Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther of To Øl 1 for their favourite places to enjoy a beer in Denmark’s capital.

The Hoxton, Shoreditch

par Samantha Stocks · visuels: Dan Rubin

Hotel Spotlight

Daikanyama Tsutaya Books

par Samantha Stocks · visuels: Kazuhiro Terauchi

Stockist Spotlight

One of Many

par Wesley Verhoeve · visuels: Wesley Verhoeve

We were intrigued by photographer Wesley Verhoeve’s inspirational photo series, One of Many, which aims to document the diverse range of people who make up the independent creative movement across the US. We asked Wesley to tell us about his goals for the project.

Uniting The Modern Beardsmen

par Elliot Jay Stocks · visuels: Todd White

With the popularity of beards reaching new heights (and lengths) in the world of style and fashion, we quizzed Eric Bandholz — founder of beard grooming company Beardbrand and online magazine / community Urban Beardsman — about the culture of beard-wearing.

Zaria Forman

par Samantha Stocks · visuels: Zaria Forman

At first you could be excused for thinking you’re looking at a photograph, but look again and you’ll find that the ripples of the water have been created using pastels. Zaria Forman talks about what motivates her to create her large-scale, photo-realistic seascapes.

Confessions of a Builder of Things

par Thomas Callahan, Lisa Markuson · visuels: Michael Cooper

From the Horse Brand Co. workshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Thomas Callahan talks honestly about the importance of hand-crafting. To him, the products he creates aren’t just products; they’re objects that tell stories with which people can form a connection.

The Face of a Nation

par Elliot Jay Stocks · visuels: Söderhavet

We speak to designers Jesper Robinell and Stefan Hattenbach, who decided to take on the ambitious task of creating Sweden Sans: a typeface that would represent an entire country.

Back in The Saddle

par Veerle Pieters · visuels: David Stockman, Daniel Haskett

After struggling with exhaustion, designer, illustrator, and co-founder of Duoh! Veerle Pieters turned to cycling as a cure, and to help her achieve a more effective work-life balance. Here she enthuses about the benefits of a more active lifestyle.

LA’s Cold Brew Outpost

par Jason Gonzalez · visuels: Bryan Neff

A team of LA-based coffee enthusiasts — David Lopez, Tiffany Lopez, Justin Carleton, and Tony Nessan — have found the perfect vehicle for sharing their love of good coffee. UK Cup Tasting Champion Jason Gonzalez spoke to David over a cool bottle of Outpost cold brew.

Music Without Limits

par Kalle Paulsson · visuels: Ed J Brown

For Kalle Paulsson, no digital software can quite live up to the tactile experience of making music with analogue synths.

Double-Edged Sword

par Elliot Jay Stocks · visuels: Chris Blott

Matthew Barnes — known by his musical alias Forest Swords — is not only a musician, but also a graphic designer, and sees similarities in both roles. Reminiscing about rejection in art school, through to mixing albums outdoors, we discovered Matthew’s innate compulsion to create.

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