Gen Z is here

The selfie generation

by Emilia Engblad

Airless women’s rooms, glittering testicles and muscular experiments – this year’s degree exhibitions in Stockholm mirrored the ongoing obsession with body and identity.

The meaning of fashion life

by Philip Warkander · illustrations: Pia Simensen

Live to work or the other way around? In the creative industries, where life and work tend to merge, the answer is not obvious. Philip Warkander, Sweden’s first PhD in Fashion Studies, ponders on the point of labour criticism in the fashion world.

Modern times

by Emilia Engblad · illustrations: Emilia Engblad

Bosses and gatekeepers, hirelings and fools – the fashion tribe isn’t that different from the rest of humanity. The question is what digitalisation is doing to their world. Two dedicated followers of fashion got together for a talk fest about the state of the modern-day proletariat.

The Metal Department

by Sara Engberg

How do you survive as a rookie in the neurotic world of craft and design? Form publishes an excerpt from The Metal Department, an offbeat novel about the delicate art of becoming a designer.

Stockholm syndrome

by Johan Fowelin · illustrations: Johan Fowelin

They have beautiful exteriors and are made to last forever. So why do so many of these buildings get razed to the ground in Stockholm? Photographer Johan Fowelin pays homage to an era that architects love to hate: the 19th century.


by Rasmus Graakjær

Caroline Richardt Beck draws inspiration from dance and movies, rather than other architects. Her diploma project from the Royal Danish Academy is a massive airport makeover.

Hot Stuff

by Anna-Stina Lindén-Ivarsson

The move to a new venue was a great improvement for the graduate exhibition in Gothenburg – and the textile arts was absolutely impressive.

Golden Eyes

by Hanna Johansson · illustrations: James Stokes

The exhibition at the Milan Design Week is among their best works so far. Hanna Johansson visits the studio of the design couple that keeps outdoing themselves : Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche.

Harvest season

by Anders Bergmark

The autumn primeurs from the Scandinavian design scene include works by Luca Nichetto, Jenny Nordberg and Uniforms for the Dedicated. And an almost 50-year-old Panton classic.

Here comes Mr Long

by Johan Deurell · illustrations: Isak Berglund Mattsson-Mårn

So far, no one has succeeded with the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design. Now, the government, museum staff and the whole design community in Sweden pin their hopes on British curator Kieran Long. But will the new museum director manage in the Long run?

For Ana and Rosa

by Salka Hallström Bornold

Their voices were unique. Salka Hallström Bornold mourns Ana Londono and Rosa Taikon, two exceptional designers who were born on opposite ends of the 20th century – and both devoted their lives to the same struggle, for human rights and against racism.

Beirut calling

by Daniel Golling

What is design about on the other side of the EU wall? Daniel Golling travels to Beirut Design Week and realises the need for a new Arab spring.

Is a new order possible ?

They say that fashion is dead. The system is unsound in too many ways, not least in terms of sustainability. What will follow in its place? Hanna Johansson draws inspiration from the new brand Atacac, gets a suit tailored for herself and starts to believe in a different future.

A whiff of Sambuichi

by Rasmus Graakjær

This exhibition pales in comparison to the masterpiece in Frederiksberg.

Made in China

by Anders Bergmark

Graceful homage to a beloved ceramic artist

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