Feeling high

A sense for wood

by Nils Forsberg

In just a few short years, Norwegian-Swedish architects Ekberg Lous in Oslo have soared to the top as one of Norway’s most interesting firms. Now their winning entry for a visitor centre in a windy UNESCO listed archipelago is becoming reality.

Through the glass ceiling

by Nils Forsberg · illustrations: Frans Hällqvist

In one decade, she has breathed life into a stiffening art form that seemed to die as fast as the Smålandian glassworks closed down. Form met Åsa Jungnelius for a chat about glass, art and rebellion.


by Tor Lindstrand · illustrations: Karin Alfredsson

The Tomteboda sorting office is a monument to an era in Sweden’s history when faith in the future was as strong as in that of large-scale solutions. Tor Lindstrand and Karin Alfredsson alighted the train for a wander through concrete and art.

Danish discretion

by Rasmus Graakjær

If the world renowned architecture firm BIG is a high-tech bag from Nike full of bright signal colours and electronic gadgets, then the young firm Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter is a rucksack from Haglöfs in rough canvas and straps of natural leather.

Autumn sonata

by Emilia Engblad Béranger · illustrations: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

With her Pop tea pot, ceramicist Inger Persson created a modern Swedish classic. Now, she looks back at a long career in the service of clay, water and fire.

Mind and matter

by Leo Gullbring

For Bernhard Tschumi, content is more important than style. Leo Gullbring met the starchitect for a talk about existential architecture in his office by Manhattan’s Union Square.

Caroline Palmstierna

by Hedvig Hedqvist, Kerstin Wickman

Remembering Caroline

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