All along the watchtower


by Salka Hallström Bornold

Humanity and the sea

Life on Mars

by Carolina Söderholm

What right do we have to conquer other planets? With The Age of Entanglements, the Swedish duo non:agency use Mars as a projection space to think and rethink our conditions here on Earth.

Earth calling

by Ulla-Karin Höynä

They see themselves as detectives within design and crafts, and they are constantly on the move. Design Museum Helsinki is showing a large exhibition on design duo Company.

Raw nature

by Rasmus Graakjær

The violent nature of Iceland is no easy challenge. Rasmus Graakjær talks to Basalt Architects about the art of creating architecture in a volcanic landscape.

The Stockholm syndrome

by Karin Ström · illustrations: Zachary Roberts

In recent years, we have seen more construction in Stockholm than in a very long time, and more is needed. The aim is to build 200,000 homes in the county over the coming decade, which is comparable to the 190,000 conceived during the Million Programme, the Swedish affordable housing initiative in the sixties and seventies. Have we learnt from our mistakes – or are we more shortsighted than ever? And who’s to pay when homeowners can no longer go in over their heads in loans?

Cities under siege

by Rasmus Graakjær · illustrations: Bertelsen Og Scheving, Rasmus Graakjær

Terrorist attacks are now a part of daily life in major cities around the world. But how can architects and designers be of help in the fight against terrorism? Rasmus Graakjær meets the experts.

All along the water tower

by Rana Van Pellecom · illustrations: Rana van Pellecom

Majestic, fascinating, unique. What’s not to love about water towers? Photographer Rana Van Pellecom shares her story – and it all starts in the capital of fantastic towers, Pisa.

The unbearable cost of living

by Susanne Helgeson · illustrations: Janice d'Avila, Iris NG

Homes have become expensive investment objects. Susanne Helgeson is upset by a documentary about the cynicism of the property market.

Almost Braun

The rise and fall of a swedish typewriter company

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