Fatima Al Qadiri

Intertextual fabric

par Ella Plevin · visuels: Vitali Gelwich

Ryohei Kawanish on why his stripped-back menswear is shaped by French Modernism, the American military and current affairs

10 art week regrets

par Maxwell Williams · visuels: Ahok

If Berlin Art Week were a pastry, it would be one of those donuts that’s filled with so much jelly it explodes everywhere before you’ve even taken a bite. Which is to say that, during this annual September bash in the German capital, things get messy.

Artful induction

Twist and turn

par Gloria Cardona · visuels: Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Using plaits as her medium, Sara Mathiasson is weaving hair into works of art

A fine crop

par Peter Kempe

Chanel’s new Haute Joaillerie collection pays homage to its founder’s obsession with the wheat sheaf. Fashion historian Peter Kempe explores the five most meaningful elements of Coco Chanel’s personal icon.

A Fendi fairytale

par Gloria Cardona · visuels: Karl Lagerfeld

In honour of Fendi’s diamond jubilee, Karl Lagerfeld reveals the vision behind his latest collection

Off–beat Affection

par Paloma Powers · visuels: Noortje Knulst

Porcelain giant Rosenthal and brand guru Paloma Powers pick the perfect presents for brides who kick back against stuffy conventions.

The woman who reads

A new exhibition at the Ca’ Pesaro Gallery of Modern Art in Venice explores Coco Chanel’s love for literature and her relationships to the artists and authors of her age

Snao blossom and pop

visuels: The Hilton Brothers

Hard dance

par Timothy Schaumburg · visuels: Will Furtado

Jean Genies

par Christian Werner · visuels: Kamilla Richter

Amsterdam-based brand Denham the Jeanmaker teams up with fashion duo Art Comes First to make denim dreams come true

Winter warmer

Select the perfect cashmere sweater with UNIQLO


visuels: Anastasia Muna

California dreaming

Wheels of fortune

Apocalyptic Anthems

par Jeni Fulton · visuels: Peter Rigaud

From sons playing their mothers to politics as performance and dance music about dissent, the work of Fatima Al Qadiri is an assault on the sensibilities of her age

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