America’s imperial sunset

America’s imperial sunset

by Alan Brien

Evening in Saigon-it's like being the only sucker in a marooned fair- ground. This is Honda City, air pollution capital of the East, where a million motor cycles (900,000 of them licensed) go round and round like carnival rides, pumping out their thick, sweet fumes which hang on the air, even up to 3000 feet, like a smeared, inky thumbprint on a much- used map. They circle the centre of town, handle-bars interlocked, passengers swaying side-saddle behind them, to the blare and bluster of military bands, thumping away like steam organs, and the yowl and yammer of beat music over loudspeakers.

To See a Fine Lady Ride on a White Borse

by Ann Leslie

Ann Leslie talks to people 's hero Indira Gandhi

Divorce Italian Style

...and now over to Fenton Bresler in Rome for the truth abou

The gospel according to Alan Coren

by Alan Coren

The book of the generation of Jesus Christ Superstar, the creation of Norman Jewison, the associate of Robert Stigwood. Now the birth of Jesus Christ Superstar was on this wise : When as Norman Jewison was associated with Robert Stigwood, before they came together, he was found to possess the film rights to the production.

Bed, Break!ast and Matins

by Brother Dickinson

"Retreat houses are becoming the 'in' thing, especially for young people," says a Northumberland monk.

The Make-Up’s Familiar, But I Can’t Place the Face

by Sally Vincent

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