Postcards from Rome

Around every corner of the ancient city of Rome, there is a reason to be in awe. Impressing with the ease of thousands of years of history scattered gracefully around the city, with places to pick up decedent gelato or refreshing limoncello hidden along the way.

Generation Hogan

Built upon their #GENH community, which is always in motion, Hogan is the sneaker brand flipping the script on streetwear staples. Their new, gender-neutral H-Stripes Sneakers reinterpret brand identity, allowing wearers to express their sense of style. The shoes, decorated with the iconic H symbol and made with the finest Nappa leather place the emphasis on craftsmanship. Crossing the boundaries between casual and luxury, the H-Stripes can be worn in any occasion. Letting imagination and individuality shine, the future of footwear is embedded in the designs which reflect an emphasis on quality, function, and innovation.

Electric Riders

A step toward the next generation of electric vehicles, BMW’s CE 02 innovates a new driver-focused, single-track mobility experience. Technical detailings and modern design highlight both speed and style, pioneering new directions for the urban environment. Creating a comprehensive, novel product maintaining the high standards upon which BMW Motorrad is built, the two-wheeler embodies the spirit of individuality, forging its own path.


by Amelie Kahl · illustrations: Charles O’Rear

A lush green hill rising against the horizon; white meringue clouds floating across bright skies – this is Bliss, the photo which served as the default background for Windows XP, one of the most popular computer systems in the early Noughties. It’s an iconic picture. The snapshot became one of the most widely-known photo- graphs in the world and captured the longing of a generation.

Is AI Photography Really Photography At All ?

by Maia Wyman

Marisa Olson

by Daniel Moldoveanu

Not chic

Jean Paul Gaultier

by Christian Bracht

Jean Paul Gaultier was a shy child. As a way to escape his loneliness, he developed a loud artistic voice in his fashion drawings. After having founded his eponymous label in 1976, Gaultier gained the nickname enfant terrible – though the designer himself prefers to think of his designs as questioning the general conception of what clothing is at its core. When he retired from his label in 2020, his farewell to the fashion world did not mean the end of his creative career. His visionary creations now appear on the theatre stage, with his upcoming play FALLING | IN LOVE premiering at Friedrichstadt-Palast in Berlin. Working as the Visual Design Director on set, Gaultier curated costumes adorned with 100 million Swarovski crystals while integrating designs by young talents.

Sven Marquardt

Sven Marquardt is a renowned German photographer, bouncer and artist. He has been running the securi- ty team at Berghain since it opened in 2004 – making him the most famous doorman in the world. He is best known for his distinct and striking black-and-white portrait photography, capturing the essence of Berlin's nightlife, subcultures and unique characters.

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