by Tomofumi Nakayama, Aldric Menanteau

During 25 years, Yasumasa Yonehara worked as a freelance editor, showing a lot of women lifestyle and fashion. He became a cameraman at a time when the so called ERO (erotism) industry was made in dark and kept secret, on the edge of legality, way back before the birth of the internet era. Yone wanted to destroy it vicious and dark imagery. His work had been called "ERO POP" by Japanese media, he became the first artist to lead and explore the girly photo movement. this interview is about his ideology and creativity, and his latest nudity work.


by Olivia Peyronnet · illustrations: Valentin Bourdiol

Elle n'a de Satana que le nom, fort heureusement pour moi... Rares sont les femmes qui arrivent à acquérir autant de notoriété qu'un homme dans l'univers du tattoo. Pourtant, nous en avons rencontré une, dans son studio parisien.


by Julien Pham

Un sneaker shop juste pour les filles ? C'est aux Pays-Bas et plus précisément à la Haye que se trouve "No Boys Allowed". Sa fondatrice Cim Froeling répond à nos questions.